About Us

If you want to be the HERO in the battle for your bottom line, Tactical is your “Special Ops” team!

We provide detailed analysis of your operation and show you how to increase your profitability by eliminating waste and reducing defects using Lean/6Sigma and industry “best practices” applications specifically applied to improve your operation exactly where you need it!

If your business struggles with:

  • Recurring dimensional charges when shipping product
  • Difficulty controlling processes or high scrap quantities
  • Poor space utilization
  • Constantly understocking/overstocking product in inventory
  • Under-utilization of machines or employees
  • Inaccurate demand forecasts
  • High transportation costs (both within and outside the facility)
  • Low customer service rates (long wait times, long lines, etc.)
  • Currently designing/redesigning a new facility layout or choosing a new facility location
  • Name your struggle—we will help you find the solution!

It’s time to call in Tactical!