Easy Payment Model

GainShare Program

Don’t have a huge budget for improving your operation?  Why not pay for improvements through what Tactical helps you save as you improve it?

Tactical offers a 100% performance-based, GainShare program to make it easy for you to pursue improvements.


  • First we communicate extensively by phone and e-mail.  You talk, Tactical listens.  We need to understand your struggles and goals to make sure we use your time wisely as we work to help you find solutions.
  • One of our Field Operatives meets with you at your facility to become familiar your operation or “point of supply” in the supply chain.  Years of experience in solution finding will allow Tactical to find opportunities to improve performance and save you money.
  • Next Tactical pours over data you provide for our review to identify defects and/or waste and to develop a hierarchy of actionable solutions to help you start saving upon implementation.
  • The last step is to present possible solutions for your approval


If you agree to the strategy, we move into a new phase of planning the project and providing guidance through implementation (for which you pay Tactical an agreed upon portion of the revenue we have helped you save or create).